German Design Award 2017

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inspiria global events awarded with prestigious German Design Event 2017!

More than 15 National and International Awards have proven inspiria global events’ capability of delivering the best event-solution for every size business, association and organization around the world.

This year a new Award has joined the family with the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD. This award is unique as you cannot simply join the competition - you have to be nominated for by an international jury!

Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and International design landscape by identifying and presenting unique design trends.  This is assured by a highly esteemed, international jury of experts.   

inspiria’s event design was awarded for a YPOWPO project that was executed in Berlin, Germany showcasing the Tumultuous Past and the Vibrant Future of the German Capital! The jury was impressed by the thoughtful, precise planning and execution of the event that resulted in the Category BEST EVENT DESIGN Award!


Excellent event and overview. This was an impressive submission! Great ideas in the planning and wonderful implementation!

Well done - great performance & achievement

An inspiring event, coupling historic research with modern delivery, and judging by the feedback rating clearly ticked all the boxes.

The video was like being teleported to different places and eras. I loved it!

You truly captured the history and unique culture of a very special place for a clientele that likely had limited knowledge of this place and the history that defined it. This was accomplished through the use of multiple venues including the former Olympic Stadium where you secured the ability to relight the torch! That's amazing. Not only did you think of and accomplish that task but you also had performers to help recreate the experience of the Olympics. What a special event, I wish I was part of it.