Ancient City, Modern Technology

Event: Nessun Dorma  
Location: Rome/Baths of Diocletian
Theme: Technological Innovation Meets the Glory of Ancient Rome
Client: Infineon Technologies A.G.
Industry Recognition: Austrian Event Award First Place/Corporate Events

inspiria global event service created a sales meeting in Rome for Infineon Technologies, hosting more than 60 executives from 15 countries. The purpose: introduce distributors to the global need and appeal of Infineon products. By special arrangement with the Italian government, inspiria secured use of the 1,700 year-old Baths of Diocletian, the oldest intact public baths in Rome. The theme: Modern innovation encounters Roman Empire glory. inspiria created an eco-friendly event by offering distributors e-bikes and Tesla vehicles, reducing the event’s carbon footprint by eliminating the usual fuel-burning coach travel. inspiria’s lighting team illuminated the idyllic garden of the Baths, inspiring a powerful gymnastic performance beneath a projected image of the Emperor. Musical selections from great Italian arias, including the titular Nessun Dorma, provided the motivational soundtrack while tables groaned with Roman culinary fare. Meeting content was delivered smoothly to an engaged and delighted audience.

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