Bringing People Together

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Under the motto “Bringing People Together”, inspiria-global-events organized an event in Tuscany, Italy for a corporate client. The task was to find a common ground for people of different nationalities. The event focused on the incorporation of local tastes and flavors from a cultural, historical and culinary perspective – however, the main purpose of bringing people together culminated in an Italian Festival in a 1000 year old village.
This party involved the Mayor of the village among other officials and of course local people. inspiria redecorated the entire main square, which is usually used as a parking lot, and turned it into a traditional Italian Village Festival for locals and foreigners, who celebrated together and in the end became friends. 
It was a huge success as people were exchanging addresses and social media information where they also shared self-made videos and pictures. Let us share with you some of the pictures that we made and in addition a video that people produced themselves and shared on social media.
It is all about relationships!

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(video captured by a participant during the event)