Champions Meet Champions in Berlin

How do you travel the world?

You can travel to countries... You can visit cities… You can explore monuments and sites…

But do you really understand what the destination is about? Can you truly take something with you that enables you to grow and continue to be a lifelong learner? 

We at inspiria global events are constantly creating innovative travel programs that enhance experiences, create lifelong learning opportunities, and build connections between people. With a global network established over the last 15 years, we have developed formats and concepts that go far beyond visiting a destination.

We believe that a place is about its people – and most importantly about theChampions that leave their legacy and make the destination what it is. We take you to meet these people, enabling your  Champion Alumni to continue to grow and gain a better understanding of the stories behind the places.





So how do we do this?

Let’s take Berlin as an example…


Your champions will look behind the curtains and get to know Berlin by…


meeting former Mayor Klaus Wowereit who outed himself in 2001, and by doing so became a true Champion,

…getting to know Peter Barsch, a wall refugee, and let him guide you along the Wall where his life was at stake,

meeting Nigel Dunkley, a former MI6 agent, who called Berlin his place of operation during the Cold War,

…learning how Entrepreneur David Croyé founded his international company in the Mecca of start-ups,

…discovering the story of Thierry Noir, who saved big parts of the Berlin wall and its art, a true Champion in his own right.






These Champions have created Berlin and make it the way it is. By sharing their personal stories and experiences with you, they help you not only to understand what the city is about, but to gain true value for your own lifelong learning experience.


Let’s make Champions meet Champions and let them learn from each other.