Chivalry Lives: From Medieval to Modern

Event: King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table
Location: A Dublin hotel; a castle somewhere in Ireland
Theme: Chivalry Lives: Virtue, Honor, Bravery, Courage, Strength - and Victory
Client: NXP Semiconductors N.V.
Industry Recognition: Austrian Event Award 2011/Corporate Events

“King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” assembled 82 NXP middle managers from 15 countries for a five-day meeting, in order to develop a strategic international business-expansion plan. The plan’s success required substantial real-time middle-management input and individual commitment. inspiria developed the theme - finding contemporary leadership and management lessons from medieval chivalry - in consultation with senior management. The source proved rich: such courtly values as respect, loyalty, honor, bravery and strength were extolled, and connected with success in both medieval and modern contexts. The meeting got underway at the historic Jameson Distillery in Dublin as inspiria revealed the theme and purpose by screening a custom-made inspirational video. After traveling by private train to a rented castle in rural Ireland, the participants undertook four days of team-building and skill-development programs. The managers received outdoor training in such martial activities as falconry, archery, blind orientation, trust walks, and catapult mastery. The program concluded with an authentic battlefield reenactment featuring full attendee participation, driving home the corporate message and strategic purpose of the training just delivered.

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