The Next Generation of Incentives

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The Next Generation

A New Challenge, a New Approach a new Award Winning Project!

IGE was commissioned to create a new format for an incentive trip for a FORTUNE 500 IT-company with the goal of creating more ROI for the company, the participants and the sponsors of the trip. The audience reached out to a large crowd of sales people and MVPs from across the globe addressing and encouraging them to participate in this competition.

IGE’s Event Solution was a SHIFT OF PERSPECTIVE: from a purely result-orientated to a process-oriented incentive focusing on the qualification process that was followed by the actual event. A much bigger time span than the actual trip was employed, offering the sponsors, the company and the participants a major boost in ROI. IGE created new platforms of communication, got people involved in the preparation of the event and created opportunities to make it their personal trip by providing platforms of feedback and getting them involved in the actual process of the creation of the event.

At the same time these platforms offered multiple chances for sponsors to get in touch with their potential clients enhancing the qualification process by adding additional stimulus.  A continuous and permanent communication made it more special and got everyone engaged and enthusiastic about the incentive and the process leading up to the actual event.

The event itself that took place in Cape Town, South Africa, was the culmination and final celebration of the process leading up to it.

For this EVENT SOLUTION - IGE was awarded “Best Experiential Incentive” by BizBash Style Event Awards, New York!