YPOWPO goes to Berlin and wins several EVENT AWARDS

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The event’s purpose and our communication objective was to identify the authentic, cultural, historical, architectural, culinary and economic aspects of Berlin and Germany and bring them to life as motivational and learning experiences for YPOWPO members from Canada. 

All program elements were especially created for this event to showcase how

Germans and especially Berliners have used their creativity, their historical knowledge, their experiences and their visions to combine the TUMULTUOUS PAST and THE VIBRANT FUTURE of the city. 

The client’s brand identity is to provide peers and their families with access to unique educational and networking experiences designed to support their business, community and personal leadership was at the beginning of our considerations. The overall selection of the evening venues from the Olympic Stadium from the 1930s, a historic Varietè venue from the 1920's, the contemporary German Reichstag, the futuristic factory building that was turned into a restaurant, as well as the Historic Royal Palace of Charlottenburg - all bear witness of the Tumultuous Past as much as of the Vibrant Future of Berlin and Germany. 

The entertainment highlights of these evenings with the illumination of the Olympic Fire on the original cauldron from 1936, the creation of an authentic Berlin entertainment program from the 1920s, as much as the set-up of a contemporary Berlin Beach Party with DJs and contemporary music from Berlin made the Tumultuous Past and the Vibrant Future something that each and every one could experience and enjoy. 

In addition, learning experiences were offered with the incorporation of high profile speakers and resources such as the Director of the Wannsee House Museum, a GDR refugee and a former British MI6 agent. The incorporation of politicians, artists, museum curators, architects, photographers and CEOs of German companies, who presented the private and individual stories, made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each and every attendee. These individuals completed the extensive learning activities that made every part of the program special and unique. This once-in-a-lifetime trip covered all aspects of Berlin's past and present by additionally granting private access to places such as the Wall Museum, the Canadian Embassy, the Wannsee Conference House and private galleries that offered unique and new perspectives of how to experience Berlin and its history. 



In the end the event rated 9.92 out of 10 points making it the best rated event that had ever been organized by this group and creating enormous interest and also expectations for the next retreat event. 



  • What an amazing trip, I did not realize how rich the history of Berlin was. I have no idea how you managed to get us into so many incredible places, for tours and only in YPO speakers and content. I must say the closing dinner and performance was over the top, I don't have words to describe it. Many Thanks 
  • A terrific experience and insight into Berlin, especially the past. The evenings were each 11s on a scale of 1 to 10! Hugely well organized 
  • Everything was excellent. Amazing detail and the whole trip was flawless. We experienced so much and yet we didn't feel rushed and jumping from one event to the next. The amount of planning that went into the trip was very, very vident - an outstanding job. Actually a 12/10.....if such was allowed! 
  • A lifetime memory! Great events and organization! Also, LOTS of opportunities to network with other attendees, which I loved! The hotel was amazing, Walter and his team were amazing, and it just flowed beautifully. The last night was my favorite, as I actually felt like I was in the 1700's for a time, UNTIL the Johnny Cash cranked up :-) (which was also awesome). The whole thing was so relaxed... - you all rock! xo